Used Tires Near Me

April 30th, 2019 Posted by used tires, used tires near me 0 thoughts on “Used Tires Near Me”

Just like everything else in the world nowadays, tires are being designed and manufactured to last as long as possible – longer than ever before! This is great news. In order to really help make them last long, you need to make sure you rotate your tires on a regular basis, too. It is recommended that you have them rotated every six months or every 6,000-8,000 miles. (Check your owner’s manual for your car to see what is recommended!)

The position of a tire is changed strategically so that the wear on the tire is evenly distributed over the surface that rides on the road. The proper rotation pattern is dependent on a few different things: the type of tires you have, how many tires you have, and if the vehicle is a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. There are a number of ways your tires can be moved: side to side, front to back, back to front, or other more complicated ways.

If you do not get your tires rotated, it can affect the handling of your vehicle. One a front-wheel drive vehicle, there is potential to have significantly less tread than the rear tires if you do not rotate them. This would potentially cause an issue when there is an emergency situation.

Keep in mind, also, that if your tire has a warranty on it, there may be some fine print that indicates you need to have your tires rotated on some type of consistent basis.

Rotating your tires helps you to get the most value out of them – which can help save you money by potentially extended the life of your tire. Having a window sticker on your car is helpful to remind you at what mileage you had a tire rotation and/or oil change…this way, you are constantly reminded to take a look at how many miles you are putting on your vehicle.

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