Used Tire, New Tires and Tire Repair Near You

March 26th, 2019 Posted by used tires, used tires near me 0 thoughts on “Used Tire, New Tires and Tire Repair Near You”

Inarguably, you would have seen used car tires piles at the roadside for sale and be wondering if you should purchase a used tire since it will save you money compared to getting new ones. 

Well! Considering the fact that used tires are not subjected to any legal standards and the process through which these tires are gathered are not subjected to any regulation, then, you might need to worry about getting a used tire for your car as your life and that of your family are precious. 

However, studies have shown that about 30 million used tires are sold every year in the United State, which amounts to about 10 percent of the total tires in the US market.  This is an indication that many people still purchase used tires and this is not because they didn’t value their life but because some sellers are experts who thoroughly inspect the tires they sell to ensure that they are safe.

Here at THE Tire Pit, we sell both used and new tires but we put the safety of the people first and not the profit we want to make. Before we display any used tire for sale, we take all the safety measures that can guarantee that the tire is safe for use. These measures include:

    Certifying the tread depth by conducting the penny test

    Ensuring that braided steel cords present in the tire are not exposed 

    Paying close attention to the belt separation and bead chunking

    Ensuring that there is no liner damage inside the tire 

    Ensuring that there is no evidence of improper repairs and aging and many more.

Although, many people considered the used tires as a great deal, still, it’s advisable that if you cannot buy new tires, then, you should consult the service of an expert as damage tires may look to be pretty and not visible until those tires are fixed on the car.

We don’t just sell new and used tires, we also repair tires and we are known for quality in Flagler County, Palm Coast, Bunnell, Florida, and their environments. Your life and that of your family is important, and you are the best security for yourself and family so it’s important that you are proactive and considered buying safe tires either used or new and getting the best repair that would not put your life and that of your family at risk a responsibility.

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