Importance of Tire Pressure

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Importance of Tire Pressure


Because of osmosis, it is expected for your tire to lose about one to three psi of pressure a month in your tire. We highly recommend you check the pressure of your tires on a routine basis, about once a week. If you drive frequently due to long work commutes or traveling, be sure to take a look at the tire pressure before a long haul. If you can, check the tire pressure after they have cooled down.


We care about your safety! It’s estimated that about seventy five percent of roadside flat tires occur due to negligence. In most cases, it is likely that the tire was losing air slowly at a consistent basis. If vehicle owners would have checked the tires more frequently, they would have likely not gotten a flat in the middle of the road.


Keeping the correct tire pressure increases the life of the tire. A tire will start to wear out in an irregular manner if the tire is over or under inflated. The quicker your tires wear out, the quicker you will have to replace your tire.


If it is important to carry a specific capacity, it is important your tires have the proper amount of air. It is important to check the vehicle owner’s manual to find out the correct amount of air. Also, if you do not have the correct amount of pressure in your tire, your fuel consumption may be increased by up to three percent. Not only are we trying to save you money but we are also trying to keep you safe!

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