Tires Losing Air

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There are a few reasons your car tire loses air. Keep in mind that any tire loses air slowly (about one to three psi a month) due to osmosis. It is the bigger leaks that you need to be concerned about. If the air in your tire is deflated more than twenty five percent from the recommended pressure, you are putting yourself at risk to get into a tire-related vehicle crash. It is very important you look at the pressure of your tires on a pretty consistent basis.


A poor valve stem or bent/damaged wheel can cause your tire to lose air. In regards to the valve stem, chemicals on the road and air can cause this to happen. Rust and hitting things in the road can bend your wheel. Both of these issues can cause the tire air to get out quicker.

Damage to the tire (nails, road hazards, or bead damage) can also cause the rate at which the air from your tire leaks to be more than two to three psi’s a day! When you notice the air in your tires decreasing (especially if it’s in a quick manner) you need to bring your car to the mechanical as soon as possible!


Fluctuations in the weather temperature (dropping by ten degrees Fahrenheit or increasing by ten degrees Fahrenheit) will cause your tire to either lose or gain about two percent of air.


Again, it is very important to keep your eyes on the pressure of your tires. It helps keep you and your family safe. If you are unable to fix the leak and it is time for a new (or used) tire, give us a call! We would be glad to help you.

Importance of Tire Pressure

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Importance of Tire Pressure


Because of osmosis, it is expected for your tire to lose about one to three psi of pressure a month in your tire. We highly recommend you check the pressure of your tires on a routine basis, about once a week. If you drive frequently due to long work commutes or traveling, be sure to take a look at the tire pressure before a long haul. If you can, check the tire pressure after they have cooled down.


We care about your safety! It’s estimated that about seventy five percent of roadside flat tires occur due to negligence. In most cases, it is likely that the tire was losing air slowly at a consistent basis. If vehicle owners would have checked the tires more frequently, they would have likely not gotten a flat in the middle of the road.


Keeping the correct tire pressure increases the life of the tire. A tire will start to wear out in an irregular manner if the tire is over or under inflated. The quicker your tires wear out, the quicker you will have to replace your tire.


If it is important to carry a specific capacity, it is important your tires have the proper amount of air. It is important to check the vehicle owner’s manual to find out the correct amount of air. Also, if you do not have the correct amount of pressure in your tire, your fuel consumption may be increased by up to three percent. Not only are we trying to save you money but we are also trying to keep you safe!

Finding Leaks in Your Tires

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Finding Leaks in Your Tires


If the air in your tires is decreasing slowly, but more than the “normal” amount of one to three psi a month, and you want to find out where the tire is leaking from, there are a few ways you can check.

Although this might be common sense, be sure to take a look first and make sure there is not a nail in the tire anywhere. Once you have concluded that there is not a nail in the tire, feel around and listen for any hissing. If you are feeling around and the tire is hot, the area that is leaking air will feel even hotter than the rest of the tire.


The next option is a little more complicated, but it works. You could remove the wheel and put it in water. The area that is leaking will start to release small bubbles in a few minutes. If you do not see bubbles after a while, be sure to take a look on the other side of the tire.


An easier way is to use soapy water to find the leak. You can add soap or twenty percent detergent into a spray bottle with water and spray around the entire edge of the rim. Start by spraying the valve stem first and then work your way to the inside/outside edges of the rim. Just like in submerging the tire in water, bubbles will start to appear where the leak. Keep in mind that it will take about five minutes minimum before you will see any bubbles.


If you are noticing a great deal of areas where leaks are present, it would be safer for you to replace the tire instead of repairing it. We would be extremely happy to help you in that process.

Picking Out Your Used Tires

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Deciding to go with used tire(s) instead of a brand new tire(s) will save you money. Make sure you are in making your decision. There are some criteria you should have in coming up with your final decision.


To start, check out the used tire(s) quality. There should be a significant amount of tread left and there should not be excessive wear on the corners. If the tire you purchase does not have enough tread, it will be difficult for your car to handle well on a wet or slick road. We mentioned the Lincoln trick last week, but in case you missed it, we have a trick for you in how to check the tread! If you put a penny inside the tire’s tread with Lincoln’s head upside down and you see all of his head, the treat is too worn.


It is also recommended that you take a look at the pattern of the tire wear. If the wear of the tire does not seem to be even, that means that the vehicle it was on was out of alignment. To avoid any future issues, make sure the used tire you purchase has even wear.


You want to make sure that you know the age of the tire as well. There is always a date stamp on the side wall of the tire. The date stamp is composed of four numbers together. The first two numbers is the week and the last two numbers are the year. It is recommended to not purchase a used tire that is more than five years old. Tires at that age usually develops dry rot.


Dry rot can cause tire failure. Take a look at the side wall of the tire and look for small cracks.


Another good idea to be on the look out for is tire repair. If it looks like the tire has been repaired in the past, we would recommend you purchase a different used tire. If you do not have a choice due to an emergency, it can’t hurt to ask for a discount.


If you are purchasing a single tire and not a set, try to purchase one that matches up properly to the one you are pairing it with. It is easier to purchase a matched set because you have less to worry about and it is generally easier.


If you have any questions or need assistance when purchasing used tire(s), do not hesitate to ask for help!

How to Avoid Tire Blowouts

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The beautiful, warm weather is here! At least in Florida it is. Condolences to you who live somewhere where you have not been able to break out the shorts and flip-flops yet!

The warm weather brings a whole lot of fun in the sun! It can also bring tire problems, like blowouts. Not only are tire blowouts dangerous for you and your family members in your vehicle, but also for the vehicles around you. There are a few precautions you can take to prevent tire blowouts from happening. We do not want you stranded on the side of the road with a tire blowout – waiting for help to arrive.

As we talked about last week, it is important to rotate your tires every 6,000-8,000 miles (or every six months.) It is important you check your vehicle’s owner manual for specific rotation recommendations – there may be some differences. Rotating your tires on a regular basis will help to ensure that you have uniform tire wear all year long.

Making sure that the air pressure in your tires is maintained will also help to avoid a blowout. The risk of a blowout is increased significantly if your tires are either over or under inflated. First you need to figure out what your tires’ optimal air pressure is – which is relatively simple to do. Get a tire gauge – which is not only easy to find, but also fairly inexpensive. We would recommend you check the pressure on a regular basis – especially with it heating up outside! Once you notice a change in your tires’ pressures, you can adjust as needed.

When you check the air pressure in your tires, keep an eye out for how worn out they may be. Once the tread on the tire begins to wear out, the ability for the tire to grip the road is decreased. There is a trick to checking the tread – with the use of something we all have – a penny! Put the penny head first into a tread groove. If you can see all of Mr. Lincoln’s head, it means the tire tread is not very good and you should consider changing out your tire.

Although a blowout cannot be prevented completely, for your safety (and happiness!) we recommend you try. At the event a tire blowout does occur, it is important to know how to handle the vehicle! For your safety, do not slam on the brakes! Make sure you keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and let your car gradually slow down. Once your vehicle is at a safe speed, pull over to the side of the road and immediately put your hazards on. We do hope you never have to experience a tire blow out! And when it is time to change out your tires, you know who to call.


Used Tires Near Me

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Just like everything else in the world nowadays, tires are being designed and manufactured to last as long as possible – longer than ever before! This is great news. In order to really help make them last long, you need to make sure you rotate your tires on a regular basis, too. It is recommended that you have them rotated every six months or every 6,000-8,000 miles. (Check your owner’s manual for your car to see what is recommended!)

The position of a tire is changed strategically so that the wear on the tire is evenly distributed over the surface that rides on the road. The proper rotation pattern is dependent on a few different things: the type of tires you have, how many tires you have, and if the vehicle is a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. There are a number of ways your tires can be moved: side to side, front to back, back to front, or other more complicated ways.

If you do not get your tires rotated, it can affect the handling of your vehicle. One a front-wheel drive vehicle, there is potential to have significantly less tread than the rear tires if you do not rotate them. This would potentially cause an issue when there is an emergency situation.

Keep in mind, also, that if your tire has a warranty on it, there may be some fine print that indicates you need to have your tires rotated on some type of consistent basis.

Rotating your tires helps you to get the most value out of them – which can help save you money by potentially extended the life of your tire. Having a window sticker on your car is helpful to remind you at what mileage you had a tire rotation and/or oil change…this way, you are constantly reminded to take a look at how many miles you are putting on your vehicle.

With The Tire Pit, you have free rotation and balance on the lifetime of your tire. (*Call for specific details for this offer.)


Used Tire, New Tires and Tire Repair Near You

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Inarguably, you would have seen used car tires piles at the roadside for sale and be wondering if you should purchase a used tire since it will save you money compared to getting new ones. 

Well! Considering the fact that used tires are not subjected to any legal standards and the process through which these tires are gathered are not subjected to any regulation, then, you might need to worry about getting a used tire for your car as your life and that of your family are precious. 

However, studies have shown that about 30 million used tires are sold every year in the United State, which amounts to about 10 percent of the total tires in the US market.  This is an indication that many people still purchase used tires and this is not because they didn’t value their life but because some sellers are experts who thoroughly inspect the tires they sell to ensure that they are safe.

Here at THE Tire Pit, we sell both used and new tires but we put the safety of the people first and not the profit we want to make. Before we display any used tire for sale, we take all the safety measures that can guarantee that the tire is safe for use. These measures include:

    Certifying the tread depth by conducting the penny test

    Ensuring that braided steel cords present in the tire are not exposed 

    Paying close attention to the belt separation and bead chunking

    Ensuring that there is no liner damage inside the tire 

    Ensuring that there is no evidence of improper repairs and aging and many more.

Although, many people considered the used tires as a great deal, still, it’s advisable that if you cannot buy new tires, then, you should consult the service of an expert as damage tires may look to be pretty and not visible until those tires are fixed on the car.

We don’t just sell new and used tires, we also repair tires and we are known for quality in Flagler County, Palm Coast, Bunnell, Florida, and their environments. Your life and that of your family is important, and you are the best security for yourself and family so it’s important that you are proactive and considered buying safe tires either used or new and getting the best repair that would not put your life and that of your family at risk a responsibility.

PS – what do you think about Conor McGregor recent headlines?


Buying quality used tires

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Buying quality used tires

1. Determine what size tires your vehicle requires. This best and easiest way to determine this is to open the driver side door and look for the tire placard.  This placard will give you all the info on your vehicle’s original tires, including size e.g 215/55/r17 speed, load rating, respectively, and recommend inflation for both front and rear tires.

2. Figure out how many used tires you need. A quick inspection of each tire can help you get the right number of tires. If any of the tires are bald, unevenly worn, damaged, separated, or dry rotted, it’s imperative to replace them.

3. Find a reputable business that sells and installs used tires.

The easiest way to do this is to Google the term “Used tires near me” This search results will usually have several local shops.

They will be rated from by users highest to lowest rating, one to five stars. Select the top three or so.

3. Locate a shop with the size and quantity of tires needed by calling the shops you found in the previous step.

Ask if they have the size you’re looking for in stock. If they do, do they have the amount of tires you need to replace all of your troubled tires? If so, how much? Does this price include mounting, balancing, and installation? (Used tires prices can typically  range from $25 to $75)

Finding out what kind of condition the shop believes the tires are in can save a ton of time. Great questions to ask are: Do you have matching pairs? (If you’re looking for 2 or 4 tires) How much tread is left on the tires? Are they pretty evenly worn ? How old are they? Are they dry rotted or cracking?

Does the shop warranty the used tires for any period of time?

If the tire shop can answer these questions quickly and honestly it may be worth taking a trip to check out the tires in person.

4. Physically inspect the used tires before purchase. This step can also save a ton of time, money and frustration.  Inspect the outside of the tire. Is there much tread left on the tire? Is there uneven wear across the tread? Is there any noticeable damage? Nails, screws or other punctures? Are there signs of separation, Dry rot?

Is there damage to the side wall of the tire? Punctures, Slits, Cracking?

Inspect the bead ( this is the part that actually makes contact with your rim and seals the tire on the wheel. The bead should be smooth and undamaged.

Inspect the inside of the tire with proper light this can be done quickly by holding the tire vertical as if it was on a vehicle,  look at the inside of the tire while rotating a full revolution. Look for any plugs, screws, nails, questionable patches, or signs the tire may have been driven on flat; fine rubber dust or a worn areas. Inspect all the tires you plan on buying and having installed in the manor.

5. Installing used tires on the vehicle. Before the shop that you have chosen mounts the tire on your wheel, they should do an inspection of their own. This inspection should be similar to the one you performed earlier.  At this point any punctures or plugs that are in a repairable area of the tire should be properly fixed using a patch from the inside of the tire. At this point the wheel will be ready to be balanced. Things to look for during balancing include bent rims, heavy movement in the tire both up and down, side to side. Any major structural problems should become obvious at this point.

After leaving the balancer each tire should be submerged in water to check for any air leaks with special attention to ant areas of tire repair.

Once inspected the wheels should should be placed on the vehicle, lug nuts started by hand, snugged down with an impact, and torqued to spec.

Following all the steps and processes can get you a great deal of money on a set of quality used tires. If you’re looking for quality me or used tires in palm coast, Flagler Beach, or Bunnell Florida check out The Tire Pit  or call  3865174922

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